Visual Facilitation Skills for Professionals

Being a professional means we often work on complex problems. Solving complex problems takes time.  Everyone looks at us to organise the people as well as the procesto solve those problems! Time keeps ticking as project milestones keep coming up. The time between problem noticed and problem solved needs to be short. No time to waste.

In the workshop visual problem solving for professionals we will help you develop new group problem solving skills. We will help you to look differently at complex problems and solve them faster, while involving more and different people and making sure they too are all on the same page.

We will show you how to get everyone to not just look at the problem from their perspective but to also see the problem as a whole and understand their part in it. We will teach you the secret skill in less than fifteen minutes and then practice it again and again until you can do it in your sleep. The secret skill?


First and foremost this workshop will give you the insight that you already possess all the drawing skills you need. We will help you to decide when visual problem solving is most effective, what sort of reactions to expect from the people you are working with and how to work with those reactions. You will gain a visual vocabulary that speeds up the problem solving process. 

The workshop is fun, hands on, takes four hours and we will provide materials you can take with you to your job tomorrow.